Hate Crime Training Program of Rhode Island

Who We Are & What We Do

The RI Commission on Prejudice and Bias (RI-CPB) is chaired by Norman Orodenker. The Commissions’ program adminstrator is Dr. Jodi Glass.

For the past 30 years, this program has been a major resource for hate crime trainings for law enforcement throughout the State. This includes recruits at the RI Municipal Police Training Academy, the Providence Police Training Academy, the State Police Training Academy and all local and university departments.

Our training team has been, and continues to be led by Tom Palombo, Assistant Attorney General. Representatives of the US Dept. of Justice as well as community speakers representing communities most often affected by hate crime are also involved in every training.

Funding for this project has been provided by the Rhode Island Justice Commission (RIJC) with JAG grant funds as recommended by the RIJC Law Enforcement Planning Committee and approved by the RIJC Policy Board.

With grant funding from the RI legislature the Hate Crime/Civil Rights Training and Education Program has been working in our schools. We work collaboratively with many community agencies including Youth Pride inc., RIJC, Lifespan and others, speaking out against bullying, homophobia, racism, sexism. This effort is coordinated by Hannah Resseger, otherwise known as BMor7.

Once a year we co-sponsor a conference/workshop with the RWU Justice System Training and Research Institute. This year we will be holding that workshop on Wed, May 8, 9 to noon