Rhode Island Commission On Prejudice Bias

Hate Crime Training and Prevention

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Hate Crime Training and Prevention Programs

Hate Crime

Police Trainings & Annual Conference AT RWU

Stand Up!

Anti-Bullying Conference, MA

Education Project

Unarmed Infraction

The Human Equation: Unarmed inFraction

Education Coordinator Hannah Resseger will be hosting a gallery exhibit on Hate Crime, Racism & Oppression at The Avenue Concept art gallery entitled

“The Human Equation: Unarmed inFraction”  February 21st through March 28th.

Gallery hours are Monday-Saturday, Noon to 5pm.  Admission is FREE.


Stay tuned for special events.

Stop Hate Poster Contest!

Deadline January 31st! Get your entries in soon.



If you need more time please contact:

Hannah at 473-4372 or Key2Lyfe@gmail.com

Anti-Bullying Videos

A.R.C. is working on a new music video for “Together We Won’t Lose”, the song that won the Ballads vs. Bullies song writing contest at Stand Up Massachusetts.  In the mean time check out Terrell Boyd & Cody Thomas rapping against bullying.

Go Purple!