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Hate Crime Training and Prevention

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Hate Crime Training and Prevention Programs

Hate Crime

Police Trainings & Annual Conference AT RWU

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Anti-Bullying Conference, MA

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Unarmed Infraction

The Human Equation: Unarmed inFraction

Education Coordinator Hannah Resseger will be hosting a gallery exhibit on Hate Crime, Racism & Oppression at The Avenue Concept art gallery entitled

“The Human Equation: Unarmed inFraction”  February 21st through March 28th.

Gallery hours are Monday-Saturday, Noon to 5pm.  Admission is FREE.


Stay tuned for special events.

Stop Hate Poster Contest!

Deadline January 31st! Get your entries in soon.



If you need more time please contact:

Hannah at 473-4372 or Key2Lyfe@gmail.com